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Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco
SRNT 27th Annual Meeting
Feb 24-27, 2021
Baltimore, MD

The annual scientific meeting is intended to foster the exchange of information on the biological, behavioral, social, public health, and economic effects of nicotine. SRNT encourages submission of abstracts describing cutting-edge research in nicotine and tobacco. Abstracts should summarize empirical research findings that have not been published or presented elsewhere before the meeting. The Society invites submissions for organized symposia as well as individual paper and poster presentations. All abstracts will be evaluated on the basis of scientific merit by peer review. Additionally, preference for symposia will be given to those submissions that address a substantive issue by integrating across two or more different areas of SRNT research (i.e., pre-clinical, clinical, and public health/policy/epidemiology).

Contact: SRNT. tel: 608-443-2462

Submission Deadline: TBA - usu. early Sept