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Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction
Mar 15-17, 2018
Tampa, FL

The 2018 Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction Meeting will feature two keynote talks from Drs. Mary Larimer and Thomas Brandon, three pre-conference workshops, symposium sessions, integrated clinical workshops, poster presentations, and numerous opportunities for networking during breaks, social hours, and meals. The theme for the meeting recognizes that although a variety of relatively stable personality and biological risk factors influence substance use, contextual variables such as the availability of alternatives, stressful life events, and physical and social setting also influence the development, progression, and remission of addictive behaviors. These variables can also be harnessed to enhance prevention and treatment efforts. The sessions at CPA 2018 will consider the contextual influences on the etiology and treatment of addiction, as well as introduce exciting new addiction research and clinical practice innovations in the treatment of addiction.

Contact: CPA Co-Chairs Dr. Jennifer Merrill, and Dr. Ali Yurasek with any questions.

Submission Deadline: Sep 22