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1. Helping Alliance, Retention, and Treatment Outcomes: A Secondary Analysis from the NIDA Clinical Trials Network Women and Trauma Study. doc type
  Ruglass, Lesia M. ; Miele, Gloria M. ; Hien, Denise A. ; Campbell, Aimee N. C. ; Hu, Mei-Chen ; Caldeira, Nathilee ; Jiang, Huiping ; Litt, Lisa C. ; Killeen, Therese ; Hatch-Maillette, Mary A. ; Najavits, Lisa M. ; Brown, Chanda ; Robinson, James A. ; Brigham, Gregory S. ; Nunes, Edward V.
 Substance Use & Misuse 2012;47(6):695-707. [doi: 10.3109/10826084.2012.659789].
2. Challenges of Implementing a Trauma Intervention into a Clinical Treatment Program. doc type
  Brown, Chanda ; Killeen, Therese ; Haynes, Louise F.
 Counselor 2010;11(5):56-61.
3. Multisite Randomized Trial of Behavioral Interventions for Women with Co-Occurring PTSD and Substance Use Disorders. doc type doc type
  Hien, Denise A. ; Wells, Elizabeth A. ; Jiang, Huiping ; Suarez-Morales, Lourdes ; Campbell, Aimee N. C. ; Cohen, Lisa R. ; Miele, Gloria M. ; Killeen, Therese ; Brigham, Gregory S. ; Zhang, Yulei ; Hansen, Cheri ; Hodgkins, Candace C. ; Hatch-Maillette, Mary A. ; Brown, Chanda ; Kulaga, Agatha ; Kristman-Valente, Allison ; Chu, Melissa ; Sage, Robert ; Robinson, James A. ; Liu, David S. ; Nunes, Edward V.
 Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 2009;77(4):607-619. [doi: 10.1037/a0016227].
4. Correlates of Stimulant Treatment Outcome Across Treatment Modalities. doc type
  Peirce, Jessica M. ; Petry, Nancy M. ; Roll, John M. ; Kolodner, Ken B. ; Krasnansky, Joseph ; Stabile, Patricia Q. ; Brown, Chanda ; Stitzer, Maxine L.
 American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse 2009;35:48-53. [doi: 10.1080/00952990802455444].
5. Adverse Events in an Integrated Trauma-Focused Intervention for Women in Community Substance Abuse Treatment. doc type
  Killeen, Therese ; Hien, Denise A. ; Campbell, Aimee N. C. ; Brown, Chanda ; Hansen, Cheri ; Jiang, Huiping ; Kristman-Valente, Allison ; Neuenfeldt, Christine ; Rocz-de la Luz, Nicci ; Sampson, Royce ; Suarez-Morales, Lourdes ; Wells, Elizabeth A. ; Brigham, Gregory S. ; Nunes, Edward V.
 Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2008;35(3):304-311 [doi: 10.1016/j.jsat.2007.12.001].
6. Effectiveness of Abstinence-Based Incentives: Interaction With Intake Stimulant Test Results. doc type
  Stitzer, Maxine L. ; Petry, Nancy M. ; Peirce, Jessica M. ; Kirby, Kimberly C. ; Killeen, Therese K. ; Roll, John M. ; Hamilton, John A. ; Stabile, Patricia Q. ; Sterling, Robert C. ; Brown, Chanda ; Kolodner, Ken B. ; Li, Rui
 Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 2007;75(5):805-811.
7. Frequency and Type of Adverse Events Associated with Treating Women with Trauma in Community Substance Abuse Treatment Programs. doc type
  Killeen, Therese K. ; Brown, Chanda ; Campbell, Aimee N. C. ; Jiang, Huiping ; Sampson, Royce ; Nunes, Edward V. ; Hien, Denise A.
 Poster presented at the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) annual meeting, Quebec City, Canada, June 16-21, 2007.

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