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1. Adjunctive Counseling During Brief and Extended Buprenorphine-Naloxone Treatment for Prescription Opioid Dependence: A 2-Phase Randomized Controlled Trial. doc type doc type
  Weiss, Roger D. ; Potter, Jennifer Sharpe ; Fiellin, David A. ; Byrne, Mimmie ; Connery, Hilary Smith ; Dickinson, William ; Gardin, John G. II ; Griffin, Margaret L. ; Gourevitch, Marc N. ; Haller, Deborah L. ; Hasson, Albert L. ; Huang, Zhen ; Jacobs, Petra ; Kosinski, Andrzej S. ; Lindblad, Robert ; McCance-Katz, Elinore F. ; Provost, Scott E. ; Selzer, Jeffrey A. ; Somoza, Eugene C. ; Sonne, Susan C. ; Ling, Walter
 Archives of General Psychiatry 2011;68(12):1238-1246. [doi: 10.1001/archgenpsychiatry.2011.121].
2. The Appalachian Tri-State Node Experiences with the National Institute on Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network. doc type
  Kelly, Thomas M. ; Daley, Dennis C. ; Byrne, Mimmie ; DeMarzo, Larry ; Smith, Doris ; Madl, Stephanie
 Mind & Brain 2011;2(1):56-66.
3. A Method to Diagnose Opioid Dependence Resulting from Heroin Versus Prescription Opioids Using the Composite International Diagnostic Interview. doc type
  Potter, Jennifer Sharpe ; Prather, Kristi ; Kropp, Frankie B. ; Byrne, Mimmie ; Sullivan, Carl Rollynn ; Mohamedi, Nadia ; Copersino, Marc L. ; Weiss, Roger D.
 Contemporary Clinical Trials 2010;31(2):185-188. [doi: 10.1016/j.cct.2010.01.002].
4. Use of an Adaptive Treatment Research Design in a CTN Study of Prescription Opioid Dependence Treatment. doc type
  Weiss, Roger D. ; Potter, Jennifer Sharpe ; Byrne, Mimmie ; Sullivan, Carl Rollynn ; Ling, Walter
 Poster presented at the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) annual meeting, Reno/Sparks, Nevada, June 20-25, 2009.
5. Evidence for 12-Step Facilitation and Combining Evidence Based Therapies: Use of TSF with Suboxone Treatment. doc type
  Donovan, Dennis M. ; Byrne, Mimmie
 Presented at the NIDA Blending Conference, "Blending Addiction Science & Treatment: The Impact of Evidence-Based Practices on Individuals, Families, and Communities," Cincinnati, OH, June 2-3, 2008..

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