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1. A Feasibility Study of a Web-Based Performance Improvement System for Substance Abuse Treatment Providers. doc type doc type
  Forman, Robert F. ; Crits-Christoph, Paul ; Kaynak, Ovgu ; Worley, Matt ; Hantula, Donald A. ; Kulaga, Agatha ; Rotrosen, John ; Chu, Melissa ; Gallop, Robert ; Potter, Jennifer Sharpe ; Muchowski, Patrice ; Brower, Kirk ; Strobbe, Stephen ; Magruder, Kathryn M. ; Chellis, A'Delle H. ; Clodfelter, Tad ; Cawley, Margaret
 Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2007;33(4):363-371. [doi: 10.1016/j.jsat.2007.01.007].
2. Let 'em Work, Let 'em Live. doc type
  Back, Sudie E. ; Chellis, A'Delle H. ; Svikis, Dace S. ; Brady, Kathleen T.
 Addiction Professional 2007;5(3):22-28..