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2. The Alliance in Motivational Enhancement Therapy and Counseling as Usual for Substance Use Problems. doc type
  Crits-Christoph, Paul ; Gallop, Robert ; Temes, Christina M. ; Woody, George E. ; Ball, Samuel A. ; Martino, Steve ; Carroll, Kathleen M.
 Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 2009;77(6):1125–1135. [doi:10.1037/a0017045].
3. A Randomized Controlled Study of a Web-Based Performance Improvement System for Substance Abuse Treatment Providers. doc type
  Crits-Christoph, Paul ; Ring-Kurtz, Sarah ; McClure, Bridget ; Temes, Christina M. ; Kulaga, Agatha ; Gallop, Robert ; Forman, Robert F. ; Rotrosen, John
 Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2010;38(3):251-262. [doi: 10.1016/j.jsat.2010.01.001].
4. Staff Reports of Program Structure in Relation to Client Retention, Alliance, and Drug Alcohol Outcomes.
  McClure, Bridget ; Kulaga, Agatha ; Rotrosen, John ; Crits-Christoph, Paul ; Ring-Kurtz, Sarah ; Temes, Christina M. ; Gallop, Robert
 Poster presented at the NIDA Blending Conference, "Blending Addiction Science and Practice: Evidence-Based Treatment and Prevention in Diverse Populations and Settings," Albuquerque, NM, April 22-23, 2010.
5. Program, Counselor, and Patient Variability in the Alliance: A Multilevel Study of the Alliance in Relation to Substance Use Outcomes. doc type
  Crits-Christoph, Paul ; Hamilton, Jessica L. ; Ring-Kurtz, Sarah ; Gallop, Robert ; McClure, Bridget ; Kulaga, Agatha ; Rotrosen, John
 Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2011;40(4):405-413. [doi: 10.1016/j.jsat.2011.01.003].
6. Distribution-Free Models for Longitudinal Count Responses with Overdispersion and Structural Zeros. doc type
  Yu, Qin ; Chen, Rui ; Tang, Wan ; He, Hua ; Gallop, Robert ; Crits-Christoph, Paul ; Hu, J. ; Tu, Xin M.
 Statistics in Medicine 2013;32(14):2390-405. [doi: 10.1002/sim.569].
7. Predictors and Moderators of Outcomes of HIV/STD Sex Risk Reduction Interventions in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs: A Pooled Analysis of Two Randomized Controlled Trials. doc type
  Crits-Christoph, Paul ; Gallop, Robert ; Sadicario, Jaclyn S. ; Markell, Hannah M. ; Calsyn, Donald A. ; Tang, Wan ; He, Hua ; Tu, Xin ; Woody, George
 Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy 2014;9:3. [doi: 10.1186/1747-597X-9-3].

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