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1. Gender Research in the National Institute on Drug Abuse National Treatment Clinical Trials Network: A Summary of Findings. doc type
  Greenfield, Shelly F. ; Rosa, Carmen L. ; Putnins, Susan I. ; Green, Carla A. ; Brooks, Audrey J. ; Calsyn, Donald A. ; Cohen, Lisa R. ; Erickson, Sarah J. ; Gordon, Susan M. ; Haynes, Louise F. ; Killeen, Therese ; Miele, Gloria M. ; Tross, Susan ; Winhusen, Theresa M.
 American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse 2011;37(5):301-312. [doi: 10.3109/00952990.2011.596875].
2. Survey of Eating Disorder Symptoms Among Women in Treatment for Substance Abuse. doc type
  Cohen, Lisa R. ; Greenfield, Shelly F. ; Gordon, Susan M. ; Killeen, Therese ; Jiang, Huiping ; Zhang, Yulei ; Hien, Denise A.
 American Journal on Addictions 2010;19(3):245-251. [doi: 10.1111/j.1521-0391.2010.00038.x].
3. Methods for Disseminating Evidence-based Treatments from the Frontlines of Community Treatment Programs. doc type doc type
  Goldman, Bruce ; Carpenter, Kenneth M. ; Haynes, Louise F. ; Holmes, Beverly W. ; Gordon, Susan M. ; Jackson, Myriah ; Schulden, Tracy ; Gardin, John G. II ; Davis, D. Michael ; Penn, Patricia E. ; Tilley, Amy ; Layne, Wendy ; Denton, Douglas
 Research Utilization Committee Dissemination Workshop held at the CTN Steering Committee meeting, Bethesda, MD, October 20, 2009.
4. Assessment and Treatment of Co-occurring Eating Disorders in Publicly Funded Addiction Treatment Programs. doc type
  CTN Gender Special Interest Group ; Gordon, Susan M. ; Johnson, J. Aaron ; Greenfield, Shelly F. ; Cohen, Lisa R. ; Killeen, Therese ; Roman, Paul M.
 Psychiatric Services 2008;59:1056-1059. [doi: 10.1176/].
5. Staff Turnover and Retention in Addiction Treatment: Annotated Bibliography. doc type
  CTN Health Services Research Special Interest Group ; Gordon, Susan M. ; Chun, JongSerl ; Hodgkins, Candace C. ; Rieckmann, Traci R. ; Winstanley, Erin L.
 Unpublished manuscript, developed by the Health Services Research Special Interest Group of the National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network, October 2007.
6. Substance Abuse Treatment Entry, Retention, and Outcome in Women: A Review of the Literature. doc type
  Greenfield, Shelly F. ; Brooks, Audrey J. ; Gordon, Susan M. ; Green, Carla A. ; Kropp, Frankie B. ; McHugh, R. Kathryn ; Lincoln, Melissa ; Hien, Denise A. ; Miele, Gloria M.
 Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2007;86(1):1-21. [doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2006.05.012].

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