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1. Relationships That Heal. doc type
  Miller, William R.
 Presented at the NIDA Blending Conference, "Blending Addiction Science and Practice: Evidence-Based Treatment and Prevention in Diverse Populations and Settings," Albuquerque, NM, April 22-23, 2010.
2. A Multisite Randomized Effectiveness Trial of Motivational Enhancement Therapy for Spanish-Speaking Substance Users. doc type doc type
  Carroll, Kathleen M. ; Martino, Steve ; Ball, Samuel A. ; Nich, Charla ; Frankforter, Tami L. ; Anez, Luis M. ; Paris, Manuel Jr. ; Suarez-Morales, Lourdes ; Szapocznik, Jose ; Miller, William R. ; Rosa, Carmen L. ; Matthews, Julie ; Farentinos, Christiane
 Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 2009;77(5):993-999. [doi: 10.1037/a0016489].
3. How Large Must a Treatment Effect Be Before It Matters to Practitioners? An Estimation Method and Demonstration. doc type
  Miller, William R. ; Manuel, Jennifer Knapp
 Drug and Alcohol Review 2008;27(5):524-528. [doi: 10.1080/09595230801956165].
4. Development of a Bibliography on Religion, Spirituality and Addictions. doc type
  CTN Spirituality Research Interest Group ; Geppert, Cynthia M.A. ; Bogenschutz, Michael P. ; Miller, William R.
 Drug and Alcohol Review 2007;26:389-395. [doi: 10.1080/09595230701373826].
5. Disseminating Evidence-Based Practices in Substance Abuse Treatment : A Review with Suggestions. doc type
  Miller, William R. ; Sorensen, James L. ; Selzer, Jeffrey A. ; Brigham, Gregory S.
 Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2006;31(1):25-39. [doi: 10.1016/j.jsat.2006.03.005].
6. Bibliography on Spirituality and Addictions. doc type
  Bogenschutz, Michael P. ; Geppert, Cynthia M.A. ; Miller, William R.
 Poster presented at the Research Society on Alcoholism (RSA) annual meeting, June 23-29, 2006.
7. Research and Practice Together: The NIDA Clinical Trials Network. doc type
  Miller, William R. ; Bogenschutz, Michael P. ; Villarreal, M. Isabel
 Adicciones 2006;18(1):11-22.
8. Evidence-based Treatment: Why, What, Where, When, and How? doc type
  Miller, William R. ; Zweben, Joan E. ; Johnson, Wendy R.
 Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2005;29:267-276. [doi: 10.1016/j.jsat.2005.08.003].

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