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1. Methods for Disseminating Evidence-based Treatments from the Frontlines of Community Treatment Programs (3rd edition). doc type doc type
  Douaihy, Antoine B. ; Hamilton, John A. ; Zammarelli, Lucy ; Tajima, Barbara M. ; Moskowitz, Martin ; McEntee, Seamus ; Obert, Jeanne L.
 Research Utilization Committee Dissemination Workshop held at the CTN Steering Committee meeting, Bethesda, MD, September 21, 2010.
2. Site Matters: Multisite Randomized Trial of Motivational Enhancement Therapy in Community Drug Abuse Clinics. doc type doc type
  Ball, Samuel A. ; Van Horn, Deborah ; Crits-Christoph, Paul ; Woody, George E. ; Farentinos, Christiane ; Martino, Steve ; Nich, Charla ; Frankforter, Tami L. ; Obert, Jeanne L. ; Carroll, Kathleen M.
 Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 2007;75(4):556-567. [doi: 10.1037/0022-006X.75.4.556].
3. Motivational Interviewing to Improve Treatment Engagement and Outcome in Individuals Seeking Treatment for Substance Abuse: A Multisite Effectiveness Study. doc type doc type
  Carroll, Kathleen M. ; Ball, Samuel A. ; Nich, Charla ; Martino, Steve ; Frankforter, Tami L. ; Farentinos, Christiane ; Kunkel, Lynn E. ; Mikulich-Gilbertson, Susan K. ; Morgenstern, Jon ; Obert, Jeanne L. ; Polcin, Douglas L. ; Snead, Ned ; Woody, George E.
 Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2006;81(3):301-312. [doi: 10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2005.08.002].
4. Effect of Prize-based Incentives on Outcomes in Stimulant Abusers in Outpatient Psychosocial Treatment Programs: A National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network Study. doc type doc type
  Petry, Nancy M. ; Peirce, Jessica M. ; Stitzer, Maxine L. ; Blaine, Jack D. ; Roll, John M. ; Cohen, Allan J. ; Obert, Jeanne L. ; Killeen, Therese K. ; Saladin, Michael E. ; Cowell, Mark ; Kirby, Kimberly C. ; Sterling, Robert C. ; Royer-Malvestuto, Charlotte ; Hamilton, John A. ; Booth, Robert E. ; Macdonald, Marilyn ; Liebert, Marc ; Rader, Linda ; Burns, Raynetta ; DiMaria, Joan ; Copersino, Marc L. ; Stabile, Patricia Q. ; Kolodner, Ken B. ; Li, Rui
 Archives of General Psychiatry 2005;62(10):1148-1156.
5. Buprenorphine Treatment: A Training for Multidisciplinary Addiction Professionals (Blending Team Product) doc type doc type
  Amass, Leslie ; Brigham, Gregory S. ; Clare, Glenda ; Dixon, Gail ; Finnerty, Beth ; Freese, Thomas E. ; Strain, Eric ; Martin, Judith ; McCann, Michael J. ; Obert, Jeanne L. ; Wesson, Donald ; Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) National Office ; OASIS Clinic
 Produced by a NIDA/SAMHSA-ATTC Blending Team, 2005.
6. MET Meets the Real World: Design Issues and Clinical Strategies in the Clinical Trials Network. doc type
  Carroll, Kathleen M. ; Farentinos, Christiane ; Ball, Samuel A. ; Crits-Christoph, Paul ; Libby, Bryce ; Morgenstern, Jon ; Obert, Jeanne L. ; Polcin, Douglas L. ; Woody, George E.
 Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2002;23:73-80. [doi: 10.1016/S0740-5472(02)00255-6].

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