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1. Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Exercise to Health Education for Stimulant Use Disorder: Results from the CTN-0037 STimulant Reduction Intervention Using Dosed Exercise (STRIDE) Study. doc type
  Trivedi, Madhukar H. ; Greer, Tracy L. ; Rethorst, Chad D. ; Carmody, Thomas ; Grannemann, Bruce D. ; Walker, N. Robrina ; Warden, Diane ; Shores-Wilson, Kathy ; Stoutenberg, Mark ; Oden, Neal L. ; Silverstein, Meredith ; Hodgkins, Candace ; Love, Lee D. ; Seamans, Cindy ; Stotts, Angela L. ; Causey, Trey ; Szucs-Reed, Regina P. ; Rinaldi, Paul ; Myrick, Hugh ; Straus, Michele ; Liu, David S. ; Lindblad, Robert ; Church, Timothy ; Blair, Steven N. ; Nunes, Edward V.
 Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 2017;78(8):1075-1082. [doi: 10.4088/JCP.15m10591].
2. Smoking Cessation Treatment among Patients in Community-Based Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs: Exploring Predictors of Outcome as Clues Toward Treatment Improvement. doc type
  Reid, Malcolm S. ; Jiang, Huiping ; Fallon, Bryan ; Sonne, Susan C. ; Rinaldi, Paul ; Turrigiano, Eva ; Arfken, Cynthia L. ; Robinson, James A. ; Rotrosen, John ; Nunes, Edward V.
 American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse 2011;37(5):472-478. [doi: 10.3109/00952990.2011.596981].
3. Smoking Cessation Treatment at Community-Based Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs : Impact on Cigarette Smoking. doc type
  Reid, Malcolm S. ; Fallon, Bryan ; Sonne, Susan C. ; Hiott, Robert ; Flammino, Frank ; Nunes, Edward V. ; Kourniotis, Eva ; Brady, Ronald ; Rinaldi, Paul ; Jiang, Huiping ; Arfken, Cynthia L. ; Pihlgren, Eric ; Giordano, Louis ; Robinson, James A. ; Rotrosen, John
 Poster presented at the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) annual meeting, Quebec City, Canada, June 16-21, 2007.

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