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Blending Team Product

1. Technology-Assisted Care for Substance Use Disorders (SUDTECH). (Blending Team Product) doc type
  Rieckmann, Traci R. ; Chaple, Michael ; Spence, Richard ; Roget, Nancy ; Wilhelm, Michael ; Warren, Paul ; Orrick, Phillip ; Nunes, Edward V. ; Campbell, Aimee N. C. ; Miele, Gloria M.
 Developed by the NIDA/SAMHSA Blending Initiative, 2014.
2. HIV Rapid Testing (Blending Team Product). doc type doc type
  Metsch, Lisa R. ; Schackman, Bruce R. ; Haynes, Louise F. ; Spence, Richard ; Waters, Pamela ; Wilhelm, Mike ; Roget, Nancy
 Produced by a NIDA/SAMHSA-ATTC Blending Team, 2012.
3. Treatment Planning M.A.T.R.S. -- Utilizing the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) to Make Required Data Collection Useful. (Blending Team Product) doc type
  Stilen, Pat ; Carise, Deni ; Roget, Nancy ; Wendler, Alicia
 Kansas City, MO : Mid-America Addiction Technology Transfer Center in residence at University of Missouri-Kansas City.

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