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OMG, Facebook and Research Can Be BFFs, LOL! Using New Media Tools in the Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials.

Workshop presented at the Society for Clinical Trials annual meeting, Boston, MA, May 19-22, 2013.

Carmen L. Rosa, MS (National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)), Erin L. Winstanley, PhD (University of Cincinnati/CinARC, OV Node), Gloria M. Miele, PhD (Columbia University, GNY Node), Lynn Simpson, MPH (NIH CTSA at Harvard Catalyst).

This workshop, led by Carmen Rosa of NIDA's Center for the Clinical Trials Network, featured three presentations about the innovative use of various types of new media in the design and conduct of clinical trials, with a particular focus on the Clinical Trials Network (CTN). Over 82% of adults now use internet or email, including 53% of those age 65 and older. Additionally, 67% of online adults use social networking sites. Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and laptops are now a primary source of Internet connectivity, and 79% of cell phone owners say they use text messaging. As use of these tools continues to grow, exploring ways to put them to use in clinical trials seems increasingly relevant.

The first presentation, by Erin Winstanley, "Using New Media Tools in the Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials," provided an overview of the concept of "new media" and ways it can be applied to research, including advertising of studies, recruiting/tracking participants, communicating with participants, and disseminating research findings. An introduction to Facebook and Twitter is provided, as well as a look at the use of blogs, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Gloria Miele presented on "Social Media Communication Strategy," giving participants a look at ways to think about and draft policies regarding the use of social media in your study or workplace. A variety of legal considerations, as well as examples of using social media to recruit study participants is also provided. Sample IRB guidance is included, along with IRB Best Practices for using new media. The presentation ends with a case study based on CTN-0044 ("Web Delivery of Evidence-Based, Psychosocial Treatment for Substance Use Disorders"), which used social media platforms like Facebook, as well as email and texting, to contact and follow-up with participants.

The third presentation, by Lynn Simpson, was a demonstration of the variety of uses for "REDCap, Research Electronic Data Capture, A Data Management and Survey Tool." REDCap is a web-based application designed to give researchers and clinicians the capacity to create and manage databases and surveys in order to support data capture for research. (Presentation, Workshop, PDF, English, 2013)

Keywords: Adolescents | Clinical trials - Methods | Mobile devices | Older adults | Patient protections | Recruitment | Research design | Retention | Social media | Society for Clinical Trials annual meeting, 2013.

Document No: 1003

Submitted by Carmen Rosa, NIDA, 6/24/2013.

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