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Using Mobile Technologies in the CTN.

Webinar series coordinated by the NIDA CCTN and Dr. Lisa A. Marsch of the Northeast Node, 2015-2016.

All over the world, consumers, industry, educational organizations and healthcare systems, are increasingly incorporating mobile technologies (e.g., web/mobile monitoring and therapeutic tools; mobile sensing) into their daily lives. At the same time, researchers experience challenges in optimally incorporating such technologies into the design and execution of studies.

This seminar series will highlight leaders in their fields to discuss topics of direct relevance to the application of mobile technologies to clinical care and research. Expert speakers will discuss topics such as: the state of the science of applying mobile health technologies in research; the use of mobile technology for data collection and/or intervention delivery; and privacy, ethics, and regulatory standards that directly impact the use of such technologies in CTN research.

Webinar 1:
October 13, 2015
Kenzie Preston, PhD (NIDA)
Substance Abuse Research with Mobile Technology
View webinar video

marschslidesWebinar 2: November 17, 2015
Lisa A. Marsch, PhD (Dartmouth)
Applying Technology to Substance Use Disorders: The State of Science and Future Opportunities
View webinar video | Download slides (ppt)

das slidesWebinar 3: December 15, 2015
Amar Das, MD, PhD (Dartmouth)
Mining Big Healthcare Data: Tales from an Informatics Odyssey
View webinar video | Download slides (pptx)

Webinar 4: January 26, 2016
David Kotz, PhD (Dartmouth)
Security and Privacy: Mobile Medical Applications
View webinar video | Download slides (pdf)

Webinar 5: March 14, 2016
Susan A. Murphy, PhD (Institute for Social Research)
Micro-Randomized Designs for Research Using mHealth Technologies
View webinar video | Download slides (pdf)

Webinar 6: April 5, 2016
Jonathan H. Chen, MD, PhD (Stanford Dept of Medicine)
Opioid Prescribing Distribution: What If It's Not Just a Few Bad Apples?
View webinar video | Download slides (pdf) | See also Chen's article "The Patient You Least Want to See" (JAMA 2016;315(16):1701-1702)

Webinar 7: May 24, 2016
Clif Johnson, CRAADC (Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health)
Developing, Implementing, and Sustaining a Community Based Medication Assisted Recovery Program Using Technology. View webinar video | Download slides (pdf)

(Webinars, Video, English, 2015/2016)

Keywords: Mobile devices | Technology-based interventions | Training

Document No: 1173.

Submitted by Carmen Rosa, PhD, NIDA, 10/26/2015.

Das, Amar  
Marsch, Lisa A.  
Preston, Kenzie  



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