CTN Webinar: The Challenge of Evidence-Based Group Therapy for Substance Use Disorders.

Presented by Dennis C. Wendt, PhD (University of Washington, PN Node).

Produced by the NIDA Clinical Trials Network's Clinical Coordinating Center, March 23, 2016.

The field of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment suffers from a "modality mismatch," in which researchers primarily examine individual therapies even while real-world psychosocial clinicians primarily facilitate groups (especially open groups).

Although understandable reasons exist for this state of affairs, group therapy is not diminishing anytime soon; moreover, clinicians may be ill-equipped at using evidence-based treatments (EBTs) in group format, given limited training along with non-trivial structural differences between modalities.

This one-hour webinar included a review of SUD group therapy research and clinical resources (including two CTN studies), with a focus on facilitators and barriers for using EBTs in group format.

Presenter Dennis C. Wendt, PhD, is a postdoctoral research fellow with the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the UW School of Medicine.


  • Describe at least two reasons for a treatment modality mismatch between SUD research and real-world practice;
  • Identify at least two clinical resources for using evidence-based treatments in group format;
  • Explain at least two facilitators and two barriers for using evidence-based treatments in group format.

This webinar is aimed at all interested investigators, clinicians, statisticians, and other research staff. (Webinar, Video, PDF, English, 2016)

Keywords: Evidence-based treatment | Group therapy | Training | Clinical Coordinating Center webinar

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