CTN Webinar: In the Weeds: Assessing Neurocognitive Brain Imaging and Substance Abuse Measures in Emerging Adults.

Presented by Staci Gruber, PhD (McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School).

Produced by the NIDA Clinical Trials Network's Clinical Coordinating Center, July 13, 2016.

Multimodal studies which combine cognitive, clinical, neuroimaging and substance use assessments are critical to understanding the impact of substance use in emerging adults. These can be difficult, however, and a number of important yet confounding factors often cloud data collection. The goals of this one hour presentation was to: 1) review the importance of collecting accurate and comprehensive information; 2) acknowledge the most common confounding variables; and 3) provide strategies for improving data collection among this population. These were presented in conjunction with data and methodologic examples from ongoing NIDA and other funded studies.


  • Define some of the difficulties associated with assessing substance use in adolescent and emerging adult populations.
  • Recognize the importance of a clear study design with well-articulated substance use assessment measures administered in a reliable, consistent, and comprehensive manner.
  • Understand how to modify common tools for substance use assessment for a range of substances (i.e., TLFB).
  • Identify a number of ways to improve the quality of data/information offered by adolescent/emerging adult research participants.

(Webinar, Video, PDF, English, 2016)

Keywords: Adolescents | Screening and assessment instruments | Training | Young adults | Clinical Coordinating Center webinar

Document No: 1215.

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