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Psychosocial Relationship Status and Quality as Predictors of Intervention Adherence and Substance Use Outcomes: Results from the STRIDE (CTN-0037) Study.

Psychiatry Research 2017;254:332-339. [doi: 10.1016/j.psychres.2017.04.062]

Joseph M. Trombello, PhD, Thomas Carmody, PhD, Tracy L. Greer, PhD, N. Robina Walker, PhD, Chad Rethorst, PhD, Madhukar H. Trivedi, MD (All from University of Texas, TX Node).

Social/intimate relationship status and quality are associated with health-promoting behaviors, while living alone or isolated are adversely associated with physical and mental health outcomes. There has been limited investigation of how particular components of one's social environment--usual living arrangements, satisfaction with those arrangements, and global social and family discord--are related to substance use reduction and intervention adherence.

This study investigated these questions in 270 individuals receiving a study intervention for stimulant abuse/dependence through the multi-site Stimulant Reduction Intervention using Dosed Exercise (CTN-0037) trial.

Using mixed effects modeling, the study found that:

  • Socially-discordant individuals used stimulants more often during intervention.
  • Women who were dissatisfied living alone also used stimulants more frequently.
  • Living with a non-partner was associated with greater intervention adherence.

Conclusions: These results identify sample subgroups with adverse stimulant use and intervention adherence outcomes and suggest areas for future inquiry/intervention. (Article (Peer-Reviewed), PDF, English, 2017)

Keywords: Cocaine | CTN platform/ancillary study | Exercise | Gender differences | Stimulant abuse | Women | Psychiatry Research (journal)

Document No: 1266, PMID: 28525788, PMCID: PMC5563976.

Submitted by Jack Blaine, 5/23/2015.

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