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Treating Trauma and Addiction : The CTN Women and Trauma Study.

Workshop presented at the National Conference on Women, Addiction and Recovery, July 12-14, 2006.

Denise Hien, PhD (Columbia School of Social Work, LI Node), Gloria Miele, PhD (Columbia University New York State Psychiatric Institute, LI Node), Gregory S. Brigham, PhD (Maryhaven, Inc., OV Node).

The overall goal of this workshop is to inform providers about emerging findings in the treatment of women with co-occurring trauma and substance use disorders. The workshop is aimed toward clinicians, supervisors and program directors who currently provide treatment for trauma in their substance abuse programs or who are considering integrating these types of services into their program offerings.

The first presentation in the workshop, Treating Trauma and Addiction: The CTN Women and Trauma Study, includes preliminary findings from Protocol CTN-0015, a study comparing the effects of two manualized interventions for women when added to treatment as usual. The two interventions used, Seeking Safety, a treatment specifically for women with trauma and addictions, and Women’s Health Education, a psychoeducational group focused on health topics of special relevance for women, are described, and baseline characteristics of the sample, including demographics, treatment utilization, substance use history and diagnoses, trauma history and diagnoses and treatment history are presented overall and by site.

The second presentation, Training Community Treatment Providers in Research Interventions for Women with Addictions and PTSD, examines issues involved in training community treatment providers to implement these manualized treatments.

Finally, in the third presentation, Women Seeking Safety in Community Treatment Programs, a program director from one of the community treatment programs that participated in the trial presents clinician, supervisor and administrator perspectives of using the models, as well as the benefits and challenges of doing this type of work in a substance abuse treatment program. Implications for treatment engagement and retention of this population are also discussed. (Presentation, PowerPoint Slides, English, 2006)

Keywords: CTP training | Gender-specific interventions | Post-traumatic stress disorder | Seeking Safety program | Trauma | Women | Women's Health Education program | National Conference on Women, Addiction and Recovery 2006

Document No: 140

Submitted by Denise Hien, PhD, Lead Investigator, 7/26/2006.

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