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Motivational Interviewing Assessment : Supervisory Tools for Enhancing Proficiency (MIA-STEP). (Blending Team Product)

Produced by the NIDA/SAMHSA-ATTC Motivational Interviewing Blending Team, 2006; updated in August 2007. Salem, OR : Northwest Frontier Addiction Technology Transfer Center, Oregon Health and Science University.

Blending Team members: Steve Martino, PhD (Yale University School of Medicine, NE Node), Samuel Ball, PhD (Yale University School of Medicine, NE Node), Steve Gallon, PhD (Northwest Frontier Addiction Technology Transfer Center, OR/HI Node), Denise Hall, LPC, NCC (Mid-Atlantic Addiction Technology Transfer Center), Maria del Mar Garcia, MSW, MHS (Caribbean Basin & Hispanic Addiction Technology Transfer Center), Sherry Ceperich, PhD (Mid-Atlantic Addiction Technology Transfer Center), Christiane Farentinos, MD, MPH, CADC II (ChangePoint Inc., OR/HI Node), John Hamilton, LPC, MFT (LMG Programs, Inc., NE Node), Wendy Hausotter, MPH (Northwest Frontier Addiction Technology Transfer Center).

Researchers involved in protocol NIDA-CTN-0005, "MI (Motivational Interviewing) to Improve Treatment Engagement and Outcome in Subjects Seeking Treatment for Substance Abuse," found that MI improved both client attendance and retention during the first four weeks of outpatient care. The researchers also discovered that the development and maintenance of MI skills was a challenge for the counselors engaged in the study. Participating in training was not sufficient preparation and, instead, on-going feedback and mentoring were needed in order for most counselors to use MI consistently. This package of products is meant to be used in the context of such clinical supervision or mentoring -- it is not a training package itself and should not serve as a substitute for intensive basic training in MI. Instead, it is a collection of resources and toolkits to be used to help enhance both counselor MI skills and the quality and nature of the mentoring process. It’s a win-win for clients and agency staff alike.

The first section of the package includes briefing materials to assist in introducing the "Motivational Interviewing Assessment: Supervisory Tools for Enhancing Proficiency" (MIA:STEP) products to State or County authorities, treatment agency administrators, and clinical supervisors. Included are: an announcement template for marketing MIA:STEP, an executive summary of the MI assessment, an overview of the MIA:STEP Toolkit, and a brief interview with an agency treatment director. The rest of the package includes a description of the MI assessment interview, results of the NIDA clinical trials research, a number of teaching tools, an interview tape rating guide, demonstration tapes, rating forms, learning plans and a training curriculum for preparing supervisors in the use of the MIA:STEP package. Three CDs accompany the print version of the MIA:STEP, featuring audio tracks from two sample interviews in English and one in Spanish (these tracks are not available for download online).

The MIA:STEP package was updated in August 2007 with several editorial changes (including corrections, simplifications of some of the interview rating forms, and revisions to the training curriculum in section I of the package). (Blending Team Product, Word document, English, 2006)

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Submitted by the Northwest Frontier Addiction Technology Transfer Center (NFATTC), Steve Gallon, PhD, Director.


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