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National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network: The First 7 Years.

Bethesda, MD : Center for the Clinical Trials Network, National Institute on Drug Abuse, August 2007.

NIDA Center for the Clinical Trials Network (NIDA CCTN).

NIDA's National Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network (CTN) improves the quality of drug abuse treatment throughout the country by overcoming a major challenge -- the slow process of transforming research findings into proven treatments that are available and feasible in community practice settings where most people seek help for drug abuse or addiction. This four-page pamphlet provides an overview of the CTN from its inception to the present, including key findings from several of its completed protocols, a discussion of the CTN's impact on communities at the local, regional, and state level, and information about the CTN Dissemination Library, a free public resource containing CTN's research findings and other materials related to the project. [Printing instructions: this brochure is best printed on 11x17" paper, folded into 4 sections sized 8.5x11".] (Brochure, PDF, English, 2007)

Keywords: CTN research agenda | Dissemination | National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network

Document No: 233

Submitted by Harold Perl, PhD, CCTN, NIDA.

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