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The Contingency Management (CM) Checklist.

Mid-Atlantic Node, Unpublished manual, 2006.

Christine Higgins (Johns Hopkins University, MA Node).

This 11-page document, developed as part of a training manual that drew on the results of the CTN MIEDAR protocols (CTN-0006 and -0007), provides a set of recommended guidelines with examples for community treatment programs interested in implementing the contingency management/motivational incentives program in their clinics. It includes five steps, with questions and suggestions to guide users through each one: 1) Target a Behavior (attendance at group, abstinence, etc.); 2) Pick a Reinforcer (what might your clients want as incentives?); 3) Design a Monitoring System; 4) Design an Incentive Delivery Schedule (fishbowl method, raffle tickets, etc.); and 5) Ensure Consistent Application. The guide also includes a worksheet to help clinicians design their incentive program, and ends with a page of tips that can help with troubleshooting down the line. (Manual, PDF, English, 2006)

For more information and training materials about contingency management/motivational incentives, see the Promoting Awareness of Motivational Incentives (PAMI) Blending Team Product.

Keywords: Behavior therapy | Clinician information | Contingency management (CM) | Dissemination | MIEDAR | Motivational incentives | Stimulant abuse | Training

Document No: 291

Submitted by Christine Higgins, Dissemination Specialist, MA Node, 7/30/2008.


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