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Cards for: Breast Care, Contraception, Infections, STDs


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Women's Health Education. In Peer Activism for Female Partners of Injection Drug Users.

Unpublished manual and related materials, Columbia University, 1998.

Sutherland Miller, PhD, Dona Pagan, Susan Tross, PhD (all of Columbia University, LI Node). Revisions for use in CTN-0015 by Gloria M. Miele, PhD and Lisa R. Cohen, PhD (Columbia University, LI Node).

Women's Health Education (WHE) is a nonspecific short-term manualized treatment that features sessions focusing on such topics as understanding the female body, human sexual behavior, pregnancy and childbirth, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and AIDS. It uses minilectures, videos, story telling, text readings, and discussion techniques to provide this health information. A revised version of this manual, edited by Gloria M. Miele, PhD, and Lisa R. Cohen, PhD, was used in the National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network protocol CTN-0015, "Women's Treatment for Trauma and Substance Use Disorders." This intervention was compared in CTN-0015 to "Seeking Safety," a substance abuse treatment designed specifically for women with trauma. Findings indicated that both interventions significantly reduced PTSD symptoms over the course of one year follow-up.

This collection of documents includes the WHE manual and workbook, information/tips for facilitators, a list of session materials, and activity cards. (Manual, PDF, English, 1998)

Keywords: Community health services | Condom use |Gender-specific interventions | HIV/AIDS |Post-traumatic stress disorder | Sexual risk behavior | Sexually transmitted diseases |Training | Trauma | Women | Women's Health Education program

Document No: 331

Submitted by Aimee Campbell, MSW, Project Director (11/18/2008).

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