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HIV and HCV Counseling and Education (C&E) Intervention Training Manual, version 3.0.

Revised for the NIDA CTN in October 2004 from: Coyle S. NIDA Counseling and Education Intervention Model (NIH Publication No. 93-3580). Bethesda, MD: National Institute on Drug Abuse, 1993.

Mark Royer (University of Colorado at Denver, RM Node), Bret E. Fuller, PhD (Oregon Health & Science University, OR/HI Node), Allison Ober, MSW (University of California, Los Angeles, PR Node), Robert E. Booth, PhD (University of Colorado at Denver, RM Node).

This is the Counseling and Education (C&E) Intervention Training Manual for protocol CTN-0017, "HIV and HCV Risk Reduction in Detoxification Settings." This training manual is for CTN-0017 interventionists and supervisors, and is intended as a training tool and a quick reference guide for delivering the CTN-0017 protocol. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to conduct all aspects of the CTN-0017 C&E intervention and provides guidelines and templates for the development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for aspects of the protocol that will be specific to a particular site. This manual is a revised, updated version of the 1993 NIDA HIV Counseling and Education Intervention Model. It has been tailored to fit the CTN-0017 C&E intervention and to include HCV counseling and education in the intervention. The manual includes implementation requirements, intervention guidelines, scripts for interventionists, cue cards for sessions one and two, guidelines and outlines for C&E intervention SOPs, and more. (Manual, PDF, English, 2004)

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Document No: 336

Submitted by Barbara Campbell, PhD, Co-Investigator for CTN-0017, OR/HI Node

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