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The Relationship Between Depression and Smoking Cessation Outcomes in Treatment-Seeking Substance Abusers.

American Journal on Addictions 2010;19(2):111-8.. [doi: 10.1111/j.1521-0391.2009.00015.x]

Susan C. Sonne, PharmD (Medical University of South Carolina, SC Node), Edward V. Nuñes, MD (Columbia University and New York State Psychiatric Institute, LI Node), Huiping Jiang, PhD (New York State Psychiatric Institute, LI Node), Clare Tyson, MA (Medical University of South Carolina, SC Node), John Rotrosen, MD (New York University, NY Node), Malcolm S. Reid, Ph.D. (New York University School of Medicine, NY Node).

The NIDA Clinical Trials Network's recently completed protocol CTN-0009 was a randomized, open label trial comparing treatment as usual (TAU) combined with nicotine patches plus cognitive behavioral group counseling for smoking cessation (n=153) to TAU alone (n=72) for patients enrolled in treatment programs for drug or alcohol dependence who were interested in quitting smoking. This article reports on a secondary analysis evaluating the effect of depressive symptomatology (n=70) or history of depression (n=110) on smoking cessation outcomes. A significant association was seen between measures of depression and difficulty quitting cigarettes. Specifically, there was a greater probability for smoking abstinence for those with lower baseline BDI-ll scores (Beck Deperession Inventory). These data suggest that evaluation and treatment of depressive symptoms may play an important role in improving smoking cessation outcomes. (Article (Peer-reviewed), PDF, English, 2010)

Keywords: CTN platform/ancillary study | Community health services | Depression | Nicotine replacement therapy | Pharmacological therapy | Smoking | American Journal on Addictions (journal)

Document No: 383, PMID: 20163382, PMCID: PMC2826720

Submitted by Jack Blaine, NIDA CCTN, 07/06/2009.

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