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Does the Presence of a Smoking Cessation Clinical Trial Affect Staff Practices Related to Smoking?

Journal of Drug Issues 2009;39(2):385-400

JongSerl Chun, PhD, Joseph R. Guydish, PhD, Kevin L. Delucchi, PhD (all from University of California, San Francisco, CA/AZ Node).

This study, part of the CTN platform project, "Addressing Tobacco through Organizational Change (ATTOC)," investigated whether organizational changes occurred when nicotine treatments were tested in specialty care clinics (including three CTN community treatment programs). Two intervention clinics (one drug treatment and one HIV-care) participated in clinical trials for nicotine treatment. Three clinics (two drug and one HIV-care) were control clinics. Staff in the intervention clinics (n=57) and in the control clinics (n=62) were surveyed at baseline and 18 months later. Staff surveys concerned nicotine-related knowledge, beliefs about treating smoking, self-efficacy in delivering such treatment, nicotine related practices, and barriers to providing nicotine treatment. Mean scales scores at 18 months were no different in clinics participating in the clinical trials from the control group for any of the five scales (knowledge, practices, barriers, efficacy, and beliefs). The presence of a smoking cessation clinical trial did not influence staff knowledge, attitudes, or practices related to smoking in these clinics. More specific organizational intervention may influence staff practices related to addressing smoking among clients in drug treatment and HIV-care clinics. (Article (Peer-Reviewed), PDF, English, 2009)

Keywords: Attitudes of health personnel | Community health services | Counselors | CTN platform/ancillary study | Smoking | Journal of Drug Issues (journal)

Document No: 393, PMID: 20057920, PMCID: PMC2802349

Submitted by Joseph Guydish, University of California, San Francisco, CA/AZ Node, 8/28/2009.


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