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Cutting Edge Addiction Treatment Tools from NIDA's Clinical Trials Network (Dissemination Workshop, June 2010)

Workshop sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Node, Baltimore, MD, June 3-4, 2010.

This two-day workshop was designed to be beneficial to treatment administrators, policy makers, and clinicians. Speakers presented on a wide variety of topics, focusing primarily on the scientific basis for selected evidence-based practices, providing concrete examples, the wisdom of lessons learned, and practical implementation guidance. A special track was designed to help administrators with creating programs, and another designed to help clinicians with implementation. View conference flyer.

Emergence of Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) in Addiction Treatment (plenary) - George Woody, MD, University of Pennsylvania, DV Node

Medication Assisted Treatment (workshop) - Michael Fingerhood, MD, FACP, Johns Hopkins University, MA Node

Medications for the Treatment of Addiction: Anti-Craving and Other Strategies (workshop) - Marc Fishman, MD, Johns Hopkins University, MA Node

Medications and Substance Abuse Treatment: Putting It Into Practice (workshop) - Yngvild Olsen, MD, MPH, Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems

Contingency Management / Motivational Incentives: Past, Present and Future (plenary) - Maxine Stitzer, PhD, Johns Hopkins University, MA Node

Motivational Incentives (workshop) - Jim Beiting, LISW-S, LICDC, Community Behavioral Health, OV Node

Adapting Evidence-Based Treatment to Clinical Practice: How to Use Low Cost Incentives (workshop) - Christine Higgins, MA Node

Contingency Management (CM) with Adolescents & Their Families (workshop) - Ashli Sheidow, PhD, Medical University of South Carolina, SC Node

Understanding and Managing Addiction as a Chronic Condition (plenary) - Michael Dennis, PhD and Christy K. Scott, PhD, Chestnut Health Systems

ROSC for Clinicians: Recovery Management Checkups (RMC) (workshop) - Michael Dennis, PhD and Christy K. Scott, PhD, Chestnut Health Systems

Payment Reform for Substance Use Disorder Treatment (workshop) - Jack Kemp, Treatment Research Institute

Transforming to a Recovery Focused System of Care: An Overview of the Philadelphia Experience (workshop) - Roland Lamb, Behavioral Health Systems, OV Node

Telephone Continuing Care - (workshop) James McKay, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, DV Node (outline)

(Workshop, PowerPoint slides, English, 2010)

Keywords: Adoption of interventions | Attitudes of health personnel | Community health services | Contingency Management (CM) | Counselors | Disease model of addiction | Dissemination | Dissemination strategies | Evidence-based treatment | Motivational incentives | Pharmacological therapy | Telephone continuing care | Training

Document No: 485

Christine Higgins, Dissemination Specialist, MA Node, 6/9/2010


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