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Gender Specific Sexual Risk Reduction Interventions for Men and Women.

Workshop presented at the 2009 Clinical Practices Research Symposium, Portland, OR, June 3, 2009.

Donald A. Calsyn, PhD (Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute, University of Washington, PN Node).

This presentation, developed for clinicians, provides an overview of protocols CTN-0018 and CTN-0019, "Reducing HIV/STD Risk Behaviors: A Research Study for Men/Women in Drug Abuse Treatment." It describes in detail the interventions evaluated by the two protocols, "Real Men Are Safe (REMAS)" (men) and "Safer Sex Skills Building (SSSB)" (women), presenting the main findings from each study, as well as a demonstration of part of the women's program. Both programs were associated with greater sexual risk reduction in men and women, suggesting that substance abuse treatment programs can help reduce sexual risk among their patients by providing not only information but also hands-on practice skills. (Presentation, PowerPoint slides, English, 2009)

Keywords: Community health services | Condom use | Counselors | Gender-specific interventions | HIV/AIDS | Real Men Are Safe (REMAS) | Safer Sex Skills Building (SSSB) | Sexual risk behavior | Sexually transmitted diseases | Skills building | Women | Clinical Practices Research Symposium, 2009

Document No: 507

Submitted by Donald A. Calsyn, PhD, Lead Investigator, CTN-0018.

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