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Clinical Trials Network (CTN) Treatment Effect and Assessment Measures (TEAM) Task Force Recommendations.

Produced by the Treatment Effect and Assessment Measures (TEAM) Task Force, April 6, 2010

CTN Treatment Effect and Assessment Measures (TEAM) Task Force: Dennis C. Daley, PhD, LSW (AT Node), Paul G. Wakim, PhD (NIDA), Allan J. Cohen, MA, MFT (PR Node), Dan G. Blazer, MD, PhD (DSC), Gregory S. Brigham, PhD (OV Node), Dennis M. Donovan, PhD (PN Node), Daniel J. Feaster, PhD (FL Node), John G. Gardin II, PhD (OR/HI Node), Louise F. Haynes, MSW (SC Node), Robert Lindblad, MD (CCTN), Neal Oden, PhD (DSC), Eugene C. Somoza, MD, PhD (OV Node), Michele M. Straus, RPh, MS (NIDA), Madhukar H. Trivedi, MD (TX Node), Paul C. VanVeldhuisen, PhD (DSC), Roger D. Weiss, MD (NNE Node), Joan E. Zweben, PhD (CA/AZ Node).

In November 2008, the CTN Executive Committee approved the formation of an ad hoc task force to address two goals and make a recommendation to the CTN Steering Committee. The first of these goals was to develop a clinically meaningful outcome standard for drug use to be used in CTN clinical trials, as well as a method to capture that outcome. The second goal was to recommend a set of key screening and assessment questionnaires and instruments to be used CTN-wide. This document represents the task force's recommendations, including discussion of the importance of capturing drug use consequence information as well as information about successful or failed abstinence, examination of the strengths and weaknesses of various screening instruments, and a comparison of the task force's recommendations with the CTN Common Assessment Battery (CAB). (Report, PDF, English, 2010)

Keywords: Common Assessment Battery (CAB) | National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network | Outcomes evaluation | Research design | Screening and assessment instruments | CTN Treatment Effect and Assessment Measures (TEAM) Task Force

Document No: 522

Submitted by Paul Wakim, PhD, Task Force Co-Chair, 8/11/2010.

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