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Presented at the American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, November 6-10, 2010

Maxine L. Stitzer, PhD (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, MA Node).

This presentation begins with an overview of the two CTN MIEDAR projects, which examined the use of a low-cost incentive program to increase abstinence rates among patients in both methadone and drug-free substance abuse treatment programs. The studies showed that patients assigned to the incentive program remained in treatment longer and submitted a greater percentage of substance-free urine samples than patients in usual care, in both types of community treatment programs. Because of the positive outcomes of these two trials, NIDA and SAMHSA adapted the protocol for the Blending Team Product, "Promoting Awareness of Motivational Incentives" (PAMI), the materials for which are all available in both the CTN Dissemination Library and online at the PAMI web site. The presentation concludes with a series of suggested "next steps" for clinicians looking for more help on how to implement incentives in their own treatment programs. A second MIEDAR Blending Team Product is currently being developed; it will take advantage of modern technology by offering computer-based trainings and implementation support. Watch for this product to be released as early as Spring 2011. (Presentation, PowerPoint slides, English, 2010)

Keywords: Adoption of interventions | Behavior therapy | Blending Team Products | Blending Team Product: PAMI | Clinician information | Contingency management (CM) | Dissemination | MIEDAR | Motivational incentives | Training | American Public Health Association (APHA) annual meeting, 2010

Document No: 555

Submitted by Maxine Stitzer, PhD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, MA Node, Lead Investigator, CTN-0006 and CTN-0007.

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