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We Are Not Alone: A Guide to Using Social Media.

Presentation and resource guide from the NIDA Steering Committee meeting, Bethesda, MD, September 26-28, 2011.

Erin L. Winstanley, PhD (University of Cincinnati/CinARC, OV Node), Meg Brunner, MLIS (Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute, UW, PN Node), Nancy Sutherland, MLS (Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute, UW, PN Node), Gloria M. Miele, PhD (New York State Psychiatric Institute, GNY Node), Lynn E. Kunkel, MS (Oregon Health & Science University, WS Node).

Jan. 25, 2012: An updated version of this presentation was given in a webinar by Erin Winstanley and Meg Brunner, hosted by the Clinical Coordinating Center. The video of that webinar, updated slides, and updated resource guide are all available on the CTN Training web page or in the left hand column of this screen. A second webinar, Getting Started with Social Media, Feb 29, with Erin Winstanley and Gloria Miele, is also available on the CTN Training site.

The role of social media tools is rapidly expanding and radically changing the way we communicate with one another. To investigate the current and potential use of those tools in the National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network (CTN), the Research Utilization Committee formed a Social Media Workgroup. This presentation and resource guide, put together by the workgroup, aim to provide people within the NIDA CTN with a basic understanding of social media and tips for navigation. While there are many social media tools, this guide is limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs. Whether you choose to engage in social media or only to watch from the sidelines, it is important to be aware of these tools and how they are being used in the CTN and health information/research in general. This guide provides descriptions of each platform, as well as practical examples from the CTN (including current Facebook pages from the CTN Dissemination Library, Western States Node, Ohio Valley Node, and Delaware Valley Node) and beyond. (Presentation, PowerPoint slides, Report, PDF, English, 2011/2012)

Keywords: CTN Dissemination Library | CTN Research Utilization Committee | Dissemination strategies | Social media | CTN Steering Committee Meeting, September 2011

Document No: 755

Submitted by Meg Brunner, MLIS, CTN Dissemination Library (9/30/2011).

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