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2012 Texas Research to Practice Conference: Learn How Science is Impacting Addiction Treatment (Dissemination Conference, April 2012).

Dissemination Conference sponsored by the Texas Node, Dallas, TX, April 30, 2012.

This one-day conference was designed to benefit front-line clinical staff delivering addiction treatments in Texas. Speakers presented on a wide variety of topics, focusing primarily on the scientific basis for selected pharmacological and behavioral evidence-based practices, providing concrete examples, experiential learning experiences, and practical implementation guidance. View conference agenda.


Exercise for the Treatment of Addiction, Madhukar H. Trivedi, M.D.

Motivational Interviewing: Implementing an Evidence-Based Practice, Mary M. Velasquez, PhD. -- View referenced videos (YouTube): Awareness Test, Effective Physician, Ineffective Physician.

Conducting Research in a Community-Based Setting: Challenges and Rewards, A. Rebecca Crowell, MEd, LPC, LCDC; Douglas Denton, MA, LCDC, LCCA

Addictions Pharmacotherapy, Thomas Kosten, MD

Prescription Opioid Addiction Treatment Study (POATS): Findings and Strategies from a NIDA Clinical Trials Network, Jennifer Sharpe Potter, PhD, MPH

Evidence-Based Treatments for Traumatic Stress and Addictions, Denise Hien, PhD

HIV Rapid Testing in Substance Abuse Treatment Blending Product, Richard Spence, PhD -- View referenced video (Vimeo) (H. Westley Clark, MD on HIV Rapid Testing)

Research into Practice - Motivational Incentives, Michael Levy, PhD

Brief Strategic Family Therapy: An Empirically Validated Therapy, Joan Muir, PhD

(Workshop, Presentations, Video, PDF, English, 2012)

Keywords: Adolescents | Adoption of interventions | Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) | Community health services | Contingency Management (CM) | Co-occurring disorders | Counselors | Dissemination | Evidence-based treatment | Exercise | Family therapy | HIV/AIDS | HIV rapid testing | Motivational incentives | Motivational interviewing (MI) | Pharmacological therapy | Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) | Prescription-type opiates | Stimulant abuse | Training | Women

Document No: 799

Robrina Walker, PhD, Texas Node, 5/2/2012.


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