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Implementing Rapid HIV Testing With or Without Risk-Reduction Counseling in Drug Treatment Centers: Results of a Randomized Trial.

American Journal of Public Health 2012;102(6):1160-1167. [doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2011.300460]

Lisa R. Metsch, PhD (University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, FNA Node), Daniel J. Feaster, PhD (University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, FNA Node), Lauren K. Gooden, PhD, MPH (University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, FNA Node), Tim Matheson, PhD (San Francisco Dept. of Public Health, WS Node), Raul N. Mandler, MD (National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)), Louise F. Haynes, MSW (Medical University of South Carolina, SC Node), Susan Tross, PhD (Columbia University, GNY Node), Tiffany L. Kyle, PhD (Center for Drug-Free Living, FNA Node), Dianne Gallup, PhD (Duke Clinical Research Institute, DSC), Andrzej S. Kosinski, PhD (Duke Clinical Research Institute, DSC), Antoine B. Douaihy, MD (Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, AT Node), Bruce R. Schackman, PhD (Weill Cornell Medical College), Moupali Das, MD (San Francisco Dept. of Public Health, WS Node), Robert Lindblad, MD (EMMES Corporation), Sarah J. Erickson, PhD (University of New Mexico, SW Node), P. Todd Korthuis, MD (Oregon Health Science University, WS Node), Steve Martino, PhD (Yale University, NEC Node), James L. Sorensen, PhD (University of California San Francisco, WS Node), José Szapocznik, PhD (University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, FNA Node), Rochelle Wallensky, MD (Harvard Medical School, NEC Node), Bernard Branson, MD (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Grant N. Colfax, MD (San Francisco Dept. of Public Health, WS Node).

This is the Primary Outcomes Paper for CTN-0032. This study, National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network protocol CTN-0032, examined the effectiveness of risk reduction counseling and the role of on-site HIV testing in drug treatment. Between January and May 2009, researchers randomized 1281 HIV-negative (or status unknown) adults who reported no past-year HIV testing to (1) referral for off-site HIV testing, (2) HIV risk-reduction counseling with on-site rapid HIV testing, or (3) verbal information about testing only with on-site rapid HIV testing. Two primary self-reported outcomes were defined a priori: receipt of HIV test results and unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse episodes at 6-month follow-up. The combined on-site rapid testing participants received more HIV test results than off-site testing referral participants. At 6 months, there were no significant differences in unprotected intercourse episodes between the combined on-site testing arms and the referral arm, or the 2 on-site testing arms.

Conclusions: This study demonstrated on-site rapid HIV testing's value in drug treatment centers and found no additional benefit from HIV sexual risk-reduction counseling. These results have broad clinical and public health ramifications and support the implementation of routine rapid HIV testing in drug treatment centers, particularly for patients who have not been tested recently. (Article (Peer-Reviewed), PDF, English, 2012)

Keywords: Community health services | CTN primary outcomes | HIV rapid testing | HIV/AIDS | Sexual risk behavior | Sexually transmitted diseases | American Journal of Public Health (journal)

Document No: 809, PMID: 22515871, PMCID: PMC3483949.

Submitted by the CTN Dissemination Librarians, 4/22/2012.

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