Selected Workshops & Training for Providers

Neuroscience of Impulsivity & Addictive Disorders Webinar (Western States Node and the Northwest, Pacific Southwest, National Frontier, Rural, and Central Rockies ATTCs)
April 19, 2013.
This 1 hour, 45 minute webinar critically examines different ways to measure impulsivity and how performance on these measures can predict changes in addictive behaviors.
Helping Clinicians Become Proficient in Motivational Interviewing (Western States Node and the Northwest, Pacific Southwest, National Frontier, Rural, and Central Rockies ATTCs)
September 18, 2012.
This 90 minute webinar provides information about the MIA:STEP Blending Team Product, stressing the importance of adequate preparation of supervisors for monitoring and training their clinicians in motivational interviewing strategies.
Addressing Sexual Issues in Addictions Treatment Workshop.
January 1, 2012.
This 2.5 hour workshop focuses on outcomes and clinical utility of CTN protocols CTN-0018 and -0019, designed to test gender-specific interventions to reduce HIV sexual risk behavior among clients in drug treatment programs.
Methods for Disseminating Evidence-Based Treatments from the Frontlines of Community Treatment Programs (2nd edition).
March 24, 2009.
This 2-hour workshop highlighted different methods community treatment providers have used to disseminate evidence-based treatment into their practice. Includes a presentation about using the CTN Dissemination Library.


Selected Past Workshops & Trainings for Researchers & Providers:
Recordings and Presentations

Alternatives to Randomized Clinical Trials for American Indian and Alaska Native Community Research.
March 14, 2011. This webinar, featuring Dr. Hendriks Brown (U. Miami) and Dr. Tony Biglan (OR Research Institute), addressed the importance of employing experimental designs that are appropriate to community needs and to a new generation of preventive interventions. Investigators exploring alternatives to randomized clinical trials will find useful information in this webinar on other research designs that can be employed to evaluate interventions with scientific rigor.
STEP Forum: Translating Research Advances for Health Care Providers and Patients: The Knowledge to Action Process. [video | agenda]
February 8, 2011
This training workshp for NIH staff explored the challenges and opportunities in implementation and dissemination of clinical research outcomes.
NIDA CTN Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Workshop.
September 24, 2010
Presentations from this workshop address a number of issues related to the present status and future prospects for adoption of e-technology innovations in substance use treatment.
historical trauma Narrowing the Research-Practice Divide in Evidence-Based Medicine with Adoption of Electronic Health Record Systems: Present and Future Directions
July 13-14, 2009
NIDA-sponsored meeting, Bethesda, MD. This NIDA-sponsored conference aimed to present the current state of the art of EHR in the environment of health care reform.
historical trauma Historical Trauma: Healing Approaches in Native American Communities.
July 1, 2008
San Francisco, CA. This workshop addresses "historial trauma" as it relates to high rates of suicide, homicide, and accidental death in Native American communities.

Workshop on Adaptive Treatment Strategies.
March 22, 2007
Workshop presented at the CTN Steering Committee Meeting, addressing the concept of "adaptive strategies" in treatment and treatment research and providing current examples and future directions for the concept in the CTN.

Treating Trauma and Addiction: The CTN Women and Trauma Study.
July 12-14, 2006
Presented at the National Conference on Women, Addiction and Recovery, this workshop aimed to inform providers about emerging findings in the treatment of women with co-occurring trauma and substance use disorders.


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