Survey of Eating Disorder Symptoms among Women in Treatment for Substance Abuse Disorders

Lisa Cohen, PhD
Lead Investigator
New York State Psychiatric Institute
City College of New York

This ancillary study is related to CTN-0015, "Women's Treatment for Trauma and Substance Use Disorders," and CTN-0019, "Reducing HIV/STD Risk Behaviors: A Research Study for Women in Drug Abuse Treatment."

The primary goal of this study was to assess the prevalence of eating disorder symptoms, their relationship to other symptoms (e.g., SUD and PTSD symptoms), and their impact on treatment retention and outcome among adult female participants in two protocols CTN 0015 (Women and Trauma) and CTN 0019 (Safer Sex for Women).  A brief screening instrument (The Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire) was administered at baseline and post-treatment assessment periods.


Two subgroups emerged; those reporting binge eating in the 28 days prior to baseline and those who reported no binge eating episodes.  Women in the Binge group endorsed significantly higher ED, PTSD, and depression symptoms at baseline than those in the No Binge group.  Although all participants showed significant reductions in PTSD symptoms and improvements in abstinence rates during the study period, the improvements for the Binge group were significantly lower.

Results Article: Cohen LR, Greenfield SF, Gordon SM, et al. Survey of Eating Disorder Symptoms Among Women in Treatment for Substance Abuse. American Journal on Addictions 2010;19(3):245-251. [get article]



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