Job Seekers' Training for Clients/Relatives with Drug Dependence (Specific to the Na'Nizhoozhi Center, Inc.)

Michael Bogenschutz, M.D.
Lead Investigator
Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addictions, (CASAA)
University of New Mexico

This ancillary study is related to CTN-0020, "Job-Seekers Training for Patients with Drug Dependence."

The study was a single site study, adapting the CTN 0020 protocol for a Native American site (Navajo) at the Na'Nizhoozhi Center, in New Mexico.  In this study, 102 participants were randomized to either the Job Seekers Workshop, a three session, manualized program designed to train in the skills needed to find and secure a job; or a Job Interviewing Video intervention, a single session 40 minute video presentation designed to teach people the skills to find and secure a job.


No significant differences were found between the two groups for time to a new taxed job or enrollment in a job-training program.  There were no significant differences between groups in substance use frequency at 3-month follow-up.  Despite of the lack of a demonstrable treatment effect, this study established the feasibility of including a rural American Indian site in a rigorous CTN trial through a community-based participatory research approach. 

Results Article: Foley K, et al. Effect of job skills training on employment and job seeking behaviors in an American Indian substance abuse treatment sample. Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation 2010;33(3):181-92. [get article]



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